Kingston Park in China

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Chengdu here we come!

At 13.15 today, Miss Graham and I jetted off to Amsterdam, where we then caught a 9 hour flight to Chengdu, China. Thankfully, there were plenty of films to watch to keep us entertained!

I have some photos to follow, but the wifi connection isn’t great here. I will post them once it is working properly.


5 days until our Chinese adventure begins…

With only five days to go until our Chinese adventure begins, Miss Graham and I are getting very excited to meet our colleagues in Chengdu and the hundreds of children who attend Montpellier Primary School.

The purpose of our visit is to develop an international, teaching partnership with colleagues not just in China, but also Australia, Canada, the USA and France. As well as this, we will be sharing examples of our outstanding, creative teaching models and curriculum. We cannot wait to present our partner school with the lovely, creative examples made by each year group at KPPS and some traditional treats for them to sample too! 😁

Please follow our adventure, which begins on Tuesday 18th April.

Mrs Young 😊